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The Blockchain

The Bitcoin Network is a peer-to-peer network launched in 2009. At its basis, the network is a payment network with its own digital currency bitcoin. The basic infrastructure of the Bitcoin Network can, however, also be employed to support a wide range of applications other than payments, from cloud storage to decentralized stock markets. The Bitcoin Network is not owned by a company, but depends for its functioning as well as its security on the participants in the network and cryptography. 

The general innovation behind the Bitcoin Network is the blockchain, a database which can be decentrally managed by its users without the need for a third party. Currently, the Bitcoin Network is the most successful network operating on the blockchain technology; however, as the Bitcoin Network's code is open source, many other blockchain-based networks have been created with various modifications, such as the Litecoin Network and the Dogecoin Network.

There has been a growing interest from established financial institutions in using the technology behind these decentralized networks. As many as 30 major financial institutions, for example, have now joined the R3 consortium, which researches how the blockchain technology might be deployed within the financial sector.  

To begin learning more about the blockchain, have a look at recent presentations by Jan-Willem below:

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